T-shirt "CARS"

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Stylish longline T-shirt with our individual print.

Fabric - COOLMAX sports jersey.
COOLMAX is the thinnest four-channel polyester fiber and, unlike ordinary polyester, has an incredible capillary effect. The structure of the fibers allows moisture to quickly wick away from the body, and immediately transfer it to the outside of the fabric for further evaporation. COOLMAX polyester fibers are lighter and softer than cotton, do not absorb odors, have increased wear resistance and dry very quickly. The material does not "shrink" and does not stretch.
Fabric density: 140 g / sq.m.
Composition: 100% polyester COOLMAX
Printing -
Sublimation thermal printing made on the fabric of a T-shirt - made with professional sublimation ink Epson UltraChrome. Fabric prints created with Epson UltraChrome sublimation inks are highly light and moisture resistant, and abrasion resistant. Things with such images can be washed and cleaned without fear.
Recommendations for product care:
Hand wash, water temperature no more than 40C
Automatic wash - delicate mode.

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